3 Automated Emails You Can't Afford To Forget

ORIGINAL POST DATE 2/15/2018 | REVISED 1/11/2021

For years inboxes have been flooded with promotional email from everyone and their sister. So much so that providers like Google even started filtering them out for you in a special inbox so you don't have to see the mountains of new messages. How do you still win someone's inbox and make your email marketing effective? There are a number of ways and today I want to address 3 that you absolutely MUST have.

There are some staple programs that you should be running with your email, like a welcome series, purchase follow up and abandon cart... to name just a few. I want to address specific sends within these groups to help you really hit your mark and get more out of email.

1. Onboarding Segmentation

For any company, B2B or B2C, knowing specifics about your subscribers is now more than ever a non-negotiable. Your lists are looking for authentic interactions and part of that is making sure they feel like you know who they are.

Any series of welcome emails worth their weight should include a request to get to know each subscriber better, based on the content you send and your identity. Give a new subscriber the opportunity to tell you WHAT they want to hear from you and WHEN, as well as identify with values and motivations that matter to your brand.

Look at the content you are sharing today and ask yourself who that content is really meant to resonate with. Use that as a starting point for generating segments when onboarding your audience.

2. Be Mindful With Shopping Carts

Not all who abandon a cart should be messaged to immediately. There are a host of reasons why someone may abandon. So how do you decide when and how often to engage? Look at product pricing and pick a pricing threshold. This may be $100 or $1,000 depending on what range your products live, but as a good rule if a product costs over $200-$300, it probably is not an impulse buy for most consumers regardless of social status.

If you are selling below a couple hundred dollars with your AOVs, then a more standard "real-time" touchpoint in the first few hours followed by 1-2 additional sends within 24-48 hours is your best bet as most revenue from cart abandoners is recovered in the first 24.

As your AOV rises, consider delaying the first send by 24 hours and extend follow up messages over the next 5 days. Larger purchases will linger longer and if you attack that abandon in the first 48 and walk away, you are likely missing the RIGHT time to follow up and recover that revenue.

3. Share The Love After Purchase

Going after new subscribers is great, but don't forget about your mature ambassador ready audience. Your acquisition costs are extremely low with this group so why not squeeze a little more lemonade out and have them sell for you?

Let an engaged and loyal subscriber know you recognize and appreciate their commitment to your brand. Offer them a discount or a donation, in their name, to their favorite charity in exchange for promotion about their experience with your brand on your page, or even better their own networks. Leveraging this as a post-purchase follow up can enrich your lifecycle while staying away from BUY BUY BUY messaging.

As always, be engaging and keep it real.

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