3 Creative Ways To Boost Brand Recognition On Social Media

Is your marketing team generating social media content on image first platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat? How are you extending your brand awareness and recognition through these channels?

What I want to share with you today are the sometimes less than obvious ways you can grow brand recognition through organic, user generated visual content that reinforces your brand and engages your extended audience (without having to get a tattoo).

Before you roll out your next batch of watermarked content, incorporate these recognition tatics:

1. Make your brand edible

It isn't a secret, people love taking pictures of what they are about to eat (for better or worse). Why not use it as an opportunity to get your identity out in front of their social network? I will admit, if you are in the food industry, this is a super easy way to display your fantastic faire and get the added bonus of brand recognition beyond a hashtag or post mention. For those of you who are not, consider getting in the kitchen to whip up your next promotional event goodies.

​2. Create a custom social filter

Facebook Frame Studio is a great way to give patrons a unique way to support your brand while enjoying what it has to offer. Perfect for your next event or post product launch, a custom filter allows users to generate custom content while actively sharing your brands identity.

​3. Sponsor a giveaway

You may be used to running your own giveaways on various social channels, but over time you may see diminishing returns. How do you breathe new life into your next campaign? Partner with other businesses, non-profits or even clients that you associate with and tap into not only your existing network, but the network of your partners. This mutually beneficial content is a perfect way to get your user generated contest campaigns working overtime.

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