3 Ways To Design A Better Logo

Designing a new logo or updating an existing one is not something to take lightly. In recent years we have seen a few companies fall flat when trying to rebrand, one of the more notable for me being the questionable rebrand of Gap back in 2010.

If you are going to head down the path to identify your company, I wanted to leave a few things for you to chew on while going through the process:

1. Know who you are

Before ever taking pen to paper, make sure you have a clear understanding of who you are and what you want to represent. 5th avenue fashion and local bakery don't occupy the same emotional space. Are you classical or modern? Fun or professional? What do I want someone to feel when they see you? Asking yourself questions like these will help make sure you start down the right path to a successful design.

2. KISS (keep it small & simple)

Take on a mobile first mindset. I know we all love to see our amazing work on a nice big monitor, but the reality is most of your audience will be viewing you from a mobile device. How do you make sure you are still identifiable when you are shrunk down to size?

Simplify... and then simplify again. Now that you have done that, simplify one last time.

Forcing yourself to strip away any unnecessary design elements will give your mark greater flexibility, resulting in an ability to improve recognition and reach for your brand.

3. Forget about color

Ensure your logo will stand the test of time by first falling in love with your design in black and white. Doing this will allow you to make sure that no matter how many forms your logo takes (or number of times it gets put though the copier... yes, people still do that) your identity will remain intact. Color should be the icing on the cake that brings your logo to life after you have finished the mixing and baking at 425 degrees for 27 minutes.

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