The One Thing To Remember When Sharing On Social

Don't let the title fool you, there is more than one thing to remember when sharing content from other sources on your company profile pages. It has become all too easy to like and share content without fully digesting it.

I often see companies that have shared content, but have not added any original thought or insight as to why they have shared. The customer is educated right? They will figure it out.  Sadly, no... This can lead to a disengaged audience that would rather get their content from the source than you. I liken this attitude towards sharing to that of the "back seat driver". Affectionately dubbed a "back seat share-er", they let someone else develop content, much like a back seat driver who lets someone else do the actual driving.

How do you keep from falling into this bad habit? Have an opinion. Yes, it is that simple. Before you get share happy, take some time to digest the content you are considering sharing and then formulate an opinion on it. How is it relevant to what is going on at your company? Why do you agree or disagree with it? What is something you do that is similar but they did not mention?

Next time you share content, hop in the driver's seat... and as always, buckle up.

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